Changing windows

Are you thinking about changing windows? Let us tell you what you need to keep in mind and how we can help you!

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High quality glass

Since window change is an extensive project it is important to choose a skilled window installer. It is often a cost that is seen in the household budget so it is a good idea to be careful and think about the decisions. We at Wisti have long experience and only work with windows of high quality and as a result the work we perform always has a very high standard.

The cost for changing windows usually varies rather much based on wishes, demands and which kind of window is needed. You may sometimes be a bit discouraged from changing windows since for some houses it may result in larger cost. But did you know that old and poorly isolated windows can give a so-called cold downdraught? This means (in short) that the air indoors is cooled down due to your windows and then the cold falls down towards the floor. This gives cold floors, not only cold and a bit uncomfortable but also costly considering energy consumption. The good thing is that, when you replace old windows with better isolated ones, this disappears. This is also why almost always it is economically and environmentally viable to do a window change. The energy consumption decreases and is hence also cheaper.

Window change is a good investment

There are some different factors that determine the price for the window change. We think that you should be aware that windows with low u-value, i.e. have a better isolation, are a bit more expensive. In the short-term it be might be that you wish to save money on this but the fact is that in the long-term it is more cost-effective to choose windows with a lower u-value. You will save money in the long run. For us living in Boden (the cold, northern part of Sweden) this is something that should be kept in mind.

Another factor that determines the price is odd measurements of windows as this will also increase the cost, as well as choosing unusual colors. Thus the standard colors from the manufacturer give you a lower price. Something that can be good to think about is which kind of windows you are looking for. Special windows such as skylights are always more expensive than standard windows with single or double glass.

Since we operate in Boden, which is located in the northern part of Sweden there are many who think it is not possible to change windows during the winter. It actually works very well! It is only important to be a bit clever and efficient in how one, as window installer, work to avoid cooling down an entire house.

It is common to discover that the windows are poorly isolated during the winter, that a lot of wind is coming through and that the energy costs get very high. It could be a bit more expensive to change the windows with short notice so do not wait for so long that it feels like an emergency, but rather plan a bit ahead. So when it is time to do a window change in Boden and the surroundings you are very welcome!

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What kind of windows do I need?

Besides thinking of what you are looking for, one of our skilled installers can help you find out which windows are best suited for your home. Then you will get help choosing the right kind of glass, a strong construction and a finish that suits your home and is durable. There are a lot of different designs to choose between – foliated wood decor, varnished with acrylic and a lot more so you are guaranteed to find something that you like. We have a wide standard selection but also an endless add-on option.

One important detail to keep in mind is that maybe you should not have the exact same windows in the entire home. In some rooms a cheaper and simpler window might work but other rooms and places have higher demands. There are windows that are extra soundproof and that are suitable if you live along a heavily trafficked road and then there are windows that help you regulate the heat in case it is facing south. Thus it is a good idea to consult a window expert before you decide which windows you should have. You who live in Boden with surroundings are very welcome to contact us for price and consultation regarding window change.

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