Varieties of glass constructions

Depending on the size of the balcony and the terrace, the number of openable spaces and splints are chosen. The glass is 4 or 5 mm thick and available as tempered, laminated, toned, patterned or frosted. You can choose between many different colors on your frames and this is achieved through powder coating. The aluminum frames are resistant to weather and wind and do not need repainting.

Reliable construction

Saves space and make the area easier to use. Lightweight, strong and durable construction.

Good protection

Our glazings give a reliable protection against precipitation and wind.

Modern design

Special sealing brushes and water drainage channels protect against damp.

Combination of comfort, elegance and coziness!

With a glazing of the balcony/terrace you get the possibility to increase the living area. Here you can spend your spare time, creating a cozy corner where kids can play in peace, pets can enjoy the sun and flowers can grow. This is a place where you can have a cup of coffee/tee in the morning and enjoy the view over the rising sun. Glass windows are an excellent solution to protect the space against wind, dust, falling leaves or snow during the winter. It also decreases the noise from the street.


Sliding aluminum frame system

ALUTECH ALT100 profile system is used for all kinds of houses whether you have an apartment block or a single home/summer cottage when you wish to create an extra space. The sliding parts of the construction, framed by extremely thin, elegant aluminum frames can easily be moved on rails, fixed on the frame. They can easily be removed, cleaned from all sides and put back. The aluminum profiles are durable, resistant against changes in temperature and negative environmental impacts. They do not need to be repainted. A glazed balcony looks excellent. It does not block the view/façade nor the interior but rather becomes a natural part of the home.

This is how we work

We are often praised for short and fast decision-making. We believe that nothing is impossible; the impossible only takes a bit longer time. Feel free to contact us at to see what we can do for you.

1. Measuring

Measure your windows and doors and send us the measurements.

2. Quote free of charge

Email or call us to receive a quote free of charge from us.

3. Manufacturing

Your customized windows/doors are manufactured at the factory. 

4. Installation

Easily install the doors and windows. See our installation guides.

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