Garage doors

Affordable high quality garage doors

Ordinary garage door or a large industry door? We certainly have what you are looking for! Wisti garage doors are made according to your measurements and wishes. Stronger material also for use at home guarantees extra-long lifetime and function.

Increased value

Investing in new garage doors increases the value of your home or real estate.

Better protection against burglary

Strong garage doors that provide a good protection against burglary.

Flexible design

We make sure that you get a garage door that suits your house or real estate.

Secure garage doors

Our garage doors are made of 40 mm door sheet with low U value (1.0 w/m2). Strong and reliable engines from German Sommer. Dimensioned for exactly your garage door with several fixtures to maneuver security. Clamping and fall protection and CE marked as well.

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Color options

Our garage doors are flexible when it concerns design. There is a large variety in both models and colors to choose from.

Installation of garage doors

We perform two kinds of installations – basic installation or complete installation. Basic installation means that the old garage door is removed and the new one is installed. The customer does all the job himself/herself with flannings and lining. A complete installation means that we complete the entire job.

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This is how we work

We are often praised for short and fast decision-making. We believe that nothing is impossible; the impossible only takes a bit longer time. Feel free to contact us at to see what we can do for you.

1. Measuring

Measure your windows and doors and send us the measurements.

2. Quote free of charge

Email or call us to receive a quote free of charge from us.

3. Manufacturing

Your customized windows/doors are manufactured at the factory. 

4. Installation

Easily install the doors and windows. See our installation guides.

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