Steel and aluminum doors

Our steel and aluminum doors work equally well in buildings and industry premises as in private houses and apartments. Just like everything else we work with, these are custom-made according the customer’s need and wishes.

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Good quality doors

The Euro door has a door blade in one piece and a strong frame. The door is 63 mm thick. These are available with a very good sound and heat isolating function and is also available in the fire categories Ei-30 and Ei-60. Both frame and door blade are reinforced to withstand heavy mechanical impact and the heat and sound isolating system guarantees a comfortable climate for the space where the door is installed. Besides color and laminate as surface there are several options making these very appealing to you as a customer.

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Technical data

  • Fire classification: Ei-30 / Ei-60
  • Smoke/resistance: C5Sa, C5S200
  • Protection against burglary: RC3
  • Wind protection: C3
  • Water resistance: 4A/6B
  • Air permeability: Class 3-4
  • Noise reduction: Rw 42 dB
  • U-value: 1.6
  • Opening: C5
  • Opening: C5
  • Prepared for electricity/12 volt
  • Door bell
  • Peephole

This is how we work

We are often praised for short and fast decision-making. We believe that nothing is impossible; the impossible only takes a bit longer time. Feel free to contact us at to see what we can do for you.

1. Measuring

Measure your windows and doors and send us the measurements.

2. Quote free of charge

Email or call us to receive a quote free of charge from us.

3. Manufacturing

Your customized windows/doors are manufactured at the factory. 

4. Installation

Easily install the doors and windows. See our installation guides.

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